Getting to Know…. Cassie Weston

For Cassie Weston, her interest in racing did not develop until she met A.J. Emms. Though admittedly, her love for the sport, including “the ups and downs that come with it,” has grown since those beginnings.

“The best part about being on the Emms Racing team is spending time with the crew and watching AJ do what he loves,” she commented.

Obviously, last season brought plenty of smiles in that respect, in watching Emms take home the 2019 Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modified Championship, along with a couple marquee victories.

“I think the championship was well deserved,” she commented. “Everyone has good and bad luck, but I see the hard work and long hours the crew puts into getting the car ready every week, it’s nice to see it pay off. Hopefully that carries to 2020!”

The championship season brought forth many memories, including her most memorable to date.

“One weekend last year, we won the Friday night feature race at Delaware, and Jeff AJ and I got a hotel that night,” she recalled. “The next day we planned on going to watch the ROC race at Jukasa because it was AJ’s birthday weekend. Still excited from his win the night before, AJ wants to run with the ROCs. After a few conversations with the tech man on what they need to change, and borrowing used tires from Patrick Emerling, the car transformed to an ROC mod!

“Because it was just AJ, Jeff and I, I turned into a pit crew member. Before I knew it was hauling tires, handing tools and changing gear. When race time came, Jeff and I headed to the spotter stand on top of the tower. Mechanical troubles took us off the track but it was a great last minute spontaneous time! Although I think AJ had it in his head all along that he was joining the ROCs that day.”

She also added another good memory came in 2018 “riding shotgun with Randy in the corvette!”

After a successful year, she’s on-board for what’s to come this season, noting that her favourite track on the season is Sunset Speedway, where everything will begin in May.

“It’s a nice facility with lots of history,” she commented. “I have lots of fun memories there at camping at Velocity. We sometimes go there on our off weekends.”

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